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North Steuben Cemetery

Buck Hill Rd., Town of Steuben


The cemetery is located next to the North Steuben Church on Buck Hill Road in the town of

Steuben. The cemetery is well maintain and burials are still being made here. The tombstones in

this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on August 17, 2000.



Kathleen Last & Virginia Ackerman All Rights Reserved


Abel, Irene M., wife of Leonard R. Abel, Oct. 31, 1910-Jul. 2, 1984

Abel, Leonard R., Pfc US Army, WW II, Sep. 16, 1913- Apr. 23, 1983

Abel, Raymond M., PFC US Army Ww II born Mar. 22, 1916 died Mar. 9, 1978

Abel, Robert H. 1886-1960


Betsigner, Sarah Feb. 5, 1815-June 29, 1884

Betsinger, Jacob born Aug. 2, 1809 died April 18, 1869


Blasier, Albert, son of Walter & Julia Ann Blasier, died Feb. 28, 1855 age 28 dys

Blasier, Andrew died Dec. 16, 1851 age 55 yrs 6 mos

Blasier, Catharine 1853-1914

Blasier, Clarinda, dau of Isaac & Dianah Blasier, died Feb. 19, 1853 age 2 yrs 1 mo 25 dys

Blasier, Diana, wife of Isaac Blasier, died June 5, 1877 age 66 yrs 3 mos

Blasier, Isaac died April 13, 1858

Blasier, Mary, dau of Andrew & Mary Blasier, died May 10, 1855 age 20 yrs 10 mos

Blasier, Leeanna, wife of Henry Blasier, died Feb. 2, 1854 age 52 yrs 10 mos 2 dys

Blasier, Washington Aug. 18, 1841-Dec. 27, 1896

Blasier, Jeremiah, son of Andrew & Mary Blasier, died June 19, 1827 age 2 mos


Bostwick, Harriet Blasier, wife (of John L. Bostwick), 1835-1924

Bostwick, John L. 1814-1882


Bucens, Philip (illegible)


Burgy, Elmer J. 1874-1945

Burgy, John 1852-1917

Burgy, Maude, wife (of Elmer J. Burgy), 1881-1962


Burrows, Annette, dau of John & Nancy Burrows, 1852-1856

Burrows, Dewitt C., son of John & Nancy Burrows, 1849-1870

Burrows, Nancy, wife of John Burrows, 1820-1863