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Steuben Corners Cemetery

south of the Corners, Town of Steuben


This cemetery is located on Cemetery Road in the town of Steuben. It is well maintained and is

still active. The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on July 10, 2000.



Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman All rights reserved


Abel, Dana D. Aug. 27, 1821-Jan. 29, 1899

Abel, Mary E., wife of Dana D. Abel, Sep. 25, 1823-Apr. 4, 1892


Adams, Moses died Jan 31, 1853 age 82 yrs

Adams, Ann A., died Jan. 26, 1874 age 77 yrs.

Adams, Catherine, wife of Aaron Adams, died July 21, 1821 age 20 yrs 9 mos

Adams, Frances, dau of Rev. Aaron & Ann Adams, died March 24, 1835 age 1 yr 10 mos

Adams, Henry, son of Rev. Aaron & Ann Adams, died Feb. 4, 1835 age 2 yrs 8 mos

Adams, Phebe A., dau of Rev. Aaron & Ann Adams, died Feb. 7, 1835 age 9 mos

Adams, Phebe, wife of Moses Adams, died May 3, 1855 age 82 yrs 1 mo 3 dys

Adams, Rev. Aaron died Apr. 26, 1879 age 82 yrs 10 mos


Adsit, Ellen, wife (of L. E. Adsit), born Feb. 2, 1845 died Mar 14, 1932

Adsit, Erastus, Esq. died Apr. 11, 1886 age 83 yrs 10 mos 13 dys

Adsit, L. E. born June 27, 1842 died Oct. 11, 1908

Adsit, Permelia, wife (of Erastus Adsit), died Feb. 24, 1875 age 73yrs 6 mos


Ames, Andrew, son of D. H.& B. Ames, born Sep. 11, 1834 died Jan. 13, 1853

Ames, Betsey Norton, wife (of David H. Ames), born Oct. 7, 1799 died Jul. 16, 1887

Ames, Carrie, twin dau of Charles & Mary Ames, (no dates)

Ames, Charles E. 1833-1922

Ames, Cora, twin dau of Charles & Mary Ames, (no dates)

Ames, David H. born May 1, 1792 died Nov. 27, 1893

Ames, Ernest N. 1877-1931

Ames, Ida L., dau of C. E. & Mary Ames, born Dec. 7, 1872 died Dec. 21, 1885

Ames, Mary Lankton, wife (of Charles E. Ames), 1845-1922

Ames, Nathaniel, son of D. H. & B. Ames, born Aug. 18, 1830 died Mar. 3, 1871


Anderson, Sarah E. 1879-1955

Anderson, William 1878-1954


Anken, Charles T. 1908-1971

Anken, Clara L. 1908-1987