compiled by
John Huther


This list will be added to as I read more letters in the months ahead. Many of the following names are mentioned in the letters of Minnie Rush and others to Sam Davidson from 1875 to 1881, the diary of Mary Kronmiller from 1879 to 1881, and letters to and from Louisa Kronmiller between 1875 and 1898. The spelling of names was irregular; some people even spelled their own family name differently. In the case of conflicts, the spelling on a calling card was chosen or a current spelling as advised by Ann Steele.


An asterisk (*) denotes a calling card for the individual. These are in our calling card scrapbook compiled by Melissa Huther.


A plus sign (+) denotes names appearing on a map from Beers' Atlas for 1874 along Bear Creek Road.


A double dash (--) sign denotes people shown elsewhere on the 1874 map.


A mark (^) denotes information from stones in the Woodgate Cemetery.


@ denotes names at White Lake Corners in 1884 Gazetteer & Directory.


ANABLE. Mr. and Mrs. (Louisa letter 5/26/1901)


ANDREWS. Minnie, Walley(?), Joseph, farmer@, William Andrews or Androuis (Louisa letter, 1/19/1899)


+APP. Frank, Jerry, Carrie, Andrew (1841-1903)^, Libbie; John H.*, Nettie O.*, Nellie S.*, Jeremiah (1848-1905, & w. Caroline, 1851- 1937)^. Norman. The map shows A. App north of the mid point of Bear Creek Road and J. App south of the road just beyond where the creek crosses the road. Jerry, farmer@


BABCOCK. M. N. (1859-1945)^, Warren H. (1826-1887, at Forestport Cemetery). M.N., laborer@ . Dick (died, Charles 6/18/1873?)


BARBER. Hattie. George, laborer@. Mrs. (Hattie's mother)


BATES. Chester, laborer@



BIGLOW. W. H., sawyer@


BOARDMAN. Nathaniel, laborer@


BONERS. John, farmer@

--BROWN. The map shows a place for M. Brown on the south side of the road running west to Boonville about three quarters of a mile from the corners. Willaim H., laborer@


CAMP. William, laborer@


CARINGTON. Sam (in at Woodhull)


CHANDLER. Cora, Eva. Nelson, laborer@. Jennie, sick with pneumonia (Louisa 1/26/99)


CLARK. James (Jim). Harry, laborer@


CLEVELAND. C. C., farmer@

COLE. Mr. [At quarry?]


CONNARS. Barney.


COWDRAY. Clara, Edwin L.* Charles, woods guide@


COSCUN. Chris (Christopher Croscomb*), Annie E.*




--CROPSEY. John, Elmer Cropsey (1873-1942, & Ida Myers Cropsey, 1874- 1965)". The map

shows L Cropsey on the road running west away from the Round Lake area. John, hotel@


+DALARMES. The map shows a T. Dallarms? on the north side of the road a little before the place where the creek crosses the road about 1.5 miles from the corners. It also shows T. Dallarm? just north of Round Lake and it shows T. Dallarmi about one mile north of Round Lake.


DART. William. Le Roy, blacksmith@ D. S., blacksmith@


+DAVIDSON. John (1795-1865) w. Elizabeth Jameston (1791-1877). John

(1824-1896)  &   w. Jane Edgar (1826-1923). Samuel* (1855‑

1947), John (1848-1912), William (1850-1950, m. Julia Rush

April 1, 1876),    Elizabeth (1853-1889, called Libbie*), David

(1857-   ), James (1859-1938), Robert (1861-       ), George

(1864-1952), Henry (1866,           Lottie. The map shows Skellan
as the nearest neighbor, perhaps a mile away toward the corners.


DAVIDSON. John, farmer@ William, farmer@


DEAKIN. (Alvah 6/5/13). W.A. "Burt" and Mrs. Anna (stationmaster & wife Deakin 6/22/13)


DELARAME. Theodore, farmer@


DIBBLE. Alberd.


DONOVAN. Will, John




DREXEL. John, George


--DUPPER. Katie, Gotlieb, Libbie, Mary A. (1850-1921 at Forestport Gem.). The map shows A. Dupper on the west side of the main road just north of the corners. Gotlieb Duper, farmer@


EVANS. Will (one of the old boys in Vermont. AECorliss 5/30/1898)


FABER. Replaced on RR by Fluno (Louisa 9/22/01)


FELIX. Mr. and Mrs.


FLUNO. Leslie, Jennie (brother and sister, he works on railroad, Louisa 1/29/99). Leslie (working on Woodgate section again. Good customer. Louisa 9/22/01)


GABES. Ben (m. Mrs Odeit)




GETMAN. Mr. (RR sationmaster to whom telegrams are sent?). Mrs has measles (Louisa 4/15/1900)


GIBBS. Amen (married Libbie Dupper). Benjamin, farmer@


GIFFORD. Lewis*, Carrie


GILL. Henry, laborer@


GOODIER. Lillie L.* (school teacher), Lottie A,* Minnie.


GOLIGAR. Henry (musician), Mary.

GRAFT (see Kraft). Godlob, hotel@


--GRAHAME. Sam. The map shows S. Graham along the main road north almost past White Lake. Samuel graham, farmer@


GREEN. George




GRIFFITH. John, laborer@ Merritt, laborer@


GRINS. Effa and baby girl (Louisa 6/25/99).


--GROFF (Graff?). Susie, Hanna. The map shows a name similar to this but not quite legible along the main road going east along the south side of White Lake.


GROSS. Mr. (one of the old boys in Vermont. AECorliss 5/30/1898)




HALL. Franklin, guide@


HARRICK. George. Henry Herrick, farmer@


HAYES. Anna (school teacher 1875 & 76)


+HERRICK (Herrig). Chris, Maggie, Francis, Mary, Fred. The map shows John Herrig on the south side of the road just before the place where the creek crosses the road. The map also shows Henry Herrig on the west side of the main road about two miles south of the corners. Alice (Mary 2/27/1877)


HITZMAN. Sebastian, farmer@


HORTON. Jean (Louisa, 1/19/1899) HULL. C. G.






ISLEY. Jacob, farmer@ John, Farmer@


--JENKINS. Ettie (m. Chris Nichols 5/5/1880), Dwight*. The map shows J. J. Jenkins on the west side of the main road about two miles south of the corners



JONES. Willie (Minnie Rush's new fellow, Rose 3/8/1877). John or Jack (one of the old boys in Vermont. AECorliss 5/30/1898)


KAUFMAN. Nellie.


KELLY. Johnnie (Nick 3/2/1877)


KILMER. Minnie


KNAPP. Railroad stationmaster.


KRAFT. Gottlop (Charles 9/13/1876)


KRAPSICKER. Frank, farmer@. Louie (Mary 1/10/1900)


+KRONMILLER. Georg P. (1824-1864)    & w. Regina Ruth (1827-1899).
Charles* (1849-1926, m. Frances Wooley, 1868-1954), Louisa*

(1856-1938, m. Alvah Corliss), Philipp (1859-       ), George

(1862-   ), Mary* (1864-1932, m. William Dart). The map
shows a place for C. Kroomnuller on the north side of Bear Creek


LAIR. John, farmer@


LANCE. Lince (Louisa 1/23/1877)


--LAWRENCE. Ida(?). The map shows W. Lawrence on the east side of the main road nearly two miles south of the corners.


LIDDLE. Bought a car (Louisa 6/20/13). Fred (has new auto Deakin 6/22/13)


--LOCKWOOD. Andrew, Amy, Louis (m. Ida Rigley), Amy. The map shows C. Lockwood along the road to the west around White Lake. Andrew, farmer@ E. C., farmer@ Lewis, laborer@




MAIBACK. Louisa A.*, Emma L.*, Mary*, Samuel (Charles 6/17/1875)


MALLIS. Gotlieb, farmer@




MARTIN. Henry, laborer@



MCDONALD. James, laborer@




MCNEIL. Willie (Louisa 1/26/99)


MERRILL. Willie, Joe.


MILLER. Sanford (Charles 6/18/1873?)


MISNER. Mrs. (has done some cleaning at a new house? Louisa 6/9/01)


MITCHEL. Dennie (working in East Barre, VT. AECorliss 6/16/1898)




+MYERS. Marg, Fred. The map shows F. Myers on the south side of the road between Reakal and J. App. Frederick, farmer@. Fred Myer's body is returned by train from Brooklyn. He's George Rigley's brother-in-law and Elmer Cropsey's father-in-law (Louisa 6/2/07). Old Mr. (died, Charles 6/18/1873?)


--MONIGIN. The map shows A. Monogan on what may now be the Pit Four Road which intersects the main road about 2.5 miles south of the corners. John, James.


MOON. Mrs. Mort (Louisa 4/27/99). Andrew (Louisa 5/19/01)


MORAN. Pat (Louisa 3,27, 1898)






NEEGAR. Bought 52 chickens from Louisa as broilers (Louisa 9/8/01).


--NICHOLS. Henry (Hank), Chris (m. Ettie Jenkins 5/5/1880). Mrs. Etta*, Sarah, Albert. The map shows H. Nichols on what may now be the Pit Four Road which runs between the main road and Bear Creek. Nichols is nearly on the creek and a lumber mill is shown to be nearby. Yettie? (m. Harris Odit?, Mary 5/18,1880)


NORMAN. Charles. Nellie? (Louisa 7/20/1898)


–NUGENT. Charley. The map shows D. Nugent on the west side of the main road going toward White Lake before it turns to the east. Charles, teamster@ Daniel, farmer@


OBRIN. Died with pneumonia (Louisa 4/9/1899)


--ODIED (ONEID?). Mary. The map shows H. Odeit on the road going to the west along White Lake. Leslie & Willie (Louisa's letter 9/2/1898)


ODIT. Amos, sawyer@ Harris?


OHLE. John, farmer@ William, farmer@


OKLEY. Will. (Louisa 3/22/1899)


OLEY. Sarah, John, Lena (Charles 6/17/1875)


PALMER. E. B., farmer@








PATE. John (m. Rose Rigley 1/15/1880), Lena, Ida May*, Carrie, Charles A,* Lizzie. Adam, farmer@ John, farmer@


PERRIE. Rob. (working in East Barre, VT. AECorliss 6/16/1898)


PHILIPS. Mr., asked Sam Davidson to go hunting with him in 1880.


--PHISTER (Fister?). Pete, George. The map shows P. Pfister about 1.5 miles north of Round Lake.


POHEN. Vaughn


--POTTER. The map shows J. H. Potter on the west side of the main road about 2.5 miles south of the corners.


PROVANGER. Bought a car (Louisa 6/20/13)


PUTNEY. Roselle (m. Carrie Stell 11/9/1880), Ed. Caroline Stell Putney (1861-1941)^, Z. Roselle Putney (1855-1935)^. Ray (friends with Don Corliss)


+REAKAL (Recknell?). Mrs. Robert Recknell Davidson. The name appears on the map on the south side of the road nearly two thirds of the way to the end.


RECKNAWL. Fred, farmer@. (Shot son accidently–Louisa 8/21/1898)


RHULER. George, farmer@




RIGLEY. Ida (m. Louis Lockwood), George, Rose* (m. John Pate 1/15/1880). Michael, (1818-1891)^ & w. Barabara, (1816-1893)^ dau. Margaret Rigley Myers, (1853-1892)^. George Rigly, farmer@ Michael Rigly, farmer@. Roy (coaxes Don Corliss to go to Sunday School 11/20/98). George has gone to Bisby to work (Louisa 7/28/11)


--RINGWALT (Ringwold). Mary, Nick, Johnnie. The map shows G. Ringwald on the north side of the road running west to Boonville about half a mile from the corners. Conrad Ringwauld, farmer@


ROCOFF. Charles, farmer@ William, farmer@




RUHLE (Roe?). John, building a house 8/11/1879.


+RUSH. Mary E.* (Minnie E.*), Julia (1852-1892^, m. William Davidson April 1,

1876), Fred*, Ida L.*, John H.*, Charles F.*, Henry (1819-1904)"

& Sophia (1830-1902)^. The Rush home is across the road from

Kronmillers and little toward the corners. Henry, farmer@


SALTER. James, farmer@


SCANTLIN. Timothy (funeral 1/6/1880), May


SCHAFFER. Theobold, farmer@ George, farmer@


--SCHELL. The map shows Jac? Shell on a road running west from the Round Lake area.


SCHIFFER (SCHIEFER). George, farmer@ Born 1845, moved to White Lake Corners 1849, died there 1920.




SHAFER. Dan, Jacob.


SCHAVER. Louisa. Jacob Shaver, farmer@ Philip Shaver, farmer@


--SHEFFER. The maps shows J. Sheffer north of Round Lake about a half mile.


SHRIVER (Scriber?). Peter (hired by Kronmillers, Mary, no date)


+SKILLIN. Rebecca, John, William*. The map shows a J. Skellan on the north side of the road, perhaps two thirds of the way to the end. John Skillen, farmer@ William Skillen, farmer@


SMITH. Dwight. John R., farmer@. Henry. Oscar (Louisa 4/2/99). Henry & Lottie (baby scalded, Louisa 7/4/13).




SPRAGUE. F., engineer@


SQUIRE. Horace, laborer@


+STELL. Carrie* (m. Roselle Putney 11/9/880), George (d. 4/17/1880, age 28), John, William*, Philip, Sophia, H.P.*, Lena* [also Laney?], Sarah. The map shows the Stell place as the next neighbor to Kronmillers toward the corners. John, north woods guide@ Philip, farmer@ William, farmer@. Lilla or Lilly (Nick 3/4/1877).


--STUDER. George, Lizzie. Philip Studer (1841-1906)^. Henry Studer (1847- 1913)^ & his w. Mary A. Studor (1852-1916)^. The map shows P. Studor on the main road at the corners, southwest corner. The next house down the road toward Boonville is shown as J. Studor. George, farmer@ Henry, farmer@ Philip, farmer and hotel@. Philip wants Louisa's trade (Louisa 6/25/99).


SWEET. Pete (died in at Woodhull on June 8, 1876, according to Minnie Rush).


THALL. Jacob, L., laborer@


THORP. Charles. Nell Torp (Louisa 8/25/01)


TURK. Tirks? (Louisa 1/26/99). Edd (Alvah 9/1/01)


+ULRICK? The map shows what looks like N. Ulrick on the south side of the road across from Kronmillers.


UTLEY. Ed, Sarah


VAUGHN. John and Larry (Charles 5/16/1876)


VICKS (Vix). Andrew. Old Vix (Charles 6/17/1875). Cate (Charles 6/18/1873?)




WEEKS. Charles


WELCH. James.


WELLS. F. H., lumber measurer@. Ida (Louisa 6/18/99). Ida has come home to stay (Louisa 7/28/11).


+WILLIAMS. Thomas*, William (funeral 2/21/1880, age 41), Cora L.* Henry J.

(1817-1881)^ & Catherine (1811-1877)^ & son William H. (1838-

1880)^. The map shows H. J. Williams on the south side of the

road about half way between Kronmillers and the corners. Owen,

farmer@ Thomas, farmer@






YERDEN. Albert, laborer@